Chaedrol HR policies
Chaedrol HR policies

Chaedrol HR policies

The following apply to all Chaedrol (KYE * dro) employees unless a specific exception exists in a fully executed employment agreement.

Time entry

All employees are responsible for entering their time daily in Chaedrol’s Unanet system and submitting timesheets within 24 hours of the close of each time period. If you will be on leave, please make alternate arrangements to submit your timesheet and alert your manager.

Time away from Chaedrol


All Chaedrol employees are awarded 200 hours PTO for sick and vacation leave at hire; employees are encouraged to take time away from work to relax and recover. Time does not carry over one year to the next; instead, on the first of each year, each employee’s PTO balance resets to 200.

PTO is not accrued vacation. and as such, Chaedrol does not pay out unused PTO balances on termination. Instead, all employees who satisfactorily complete all off-boarding activity and are eligible for rehire are also eligible for a flat PTO reimbursement based on length of service:

  • Employees with at least one year but less than five: 40 hours’ PTO reimbursement
  • Employees with more than five years’ tenure: 80 hours’ PTO reimbursement

To be eligible for PTO reimbursement, employees must provide at least two weeks’ notice of resignation, return all equipment in working order, and cooperate in transitioning all job duties as instructed.

Federal holidays

Chaedrol celebrates all federal holidays with paid leave, which should be marked as such in Unanet. If your client requires working on a federal holiday, please contact your manager to make alternate arrangements.

Paid family leave

All Chaedrol employees are eligible for DC’s paid family leave program, including 12 weeks’ paid time for new children, caring for sick family, or for one’s own medical condition. For more information, see this link.